H2 Evolution Ltd (“H2e”) is an independent advisor and your development partner in the planning, production and end use of renewable fuels including green hydrogen, green ammonia and other low carbon hydrogen derivatives.

Hydrogen has multiple end uses: as a reactant in the chemical industry, a reductant in steel production, a feedstock for fuel cells and as a combustible fuel for automotive, power generation and renewable heat applications, it has tremendous potential to significantly enhance sector coupling, resulting in cost effective and an efficient transition to net zero.

H2e’s ambitions are to:

  • Professionally advise and collaborate with developers of and investors in renewable fuel production infrastructure - including integration with existing or new build renewable generators and/or energy storage systems.


  • Identify and engage with stakeholders at all stages – from early development through to execution and taking over of assets, including landowners, investors, renewable energy suppliers, local planning authorities, renewable fuel customers, the HSE, contractors and operators.

    • Structure projects right at the outset – the Project owner and its shareholders should be confident in being able to readily apply for subsidies as well as project finance and be in the position to enter into contracts with the relevant counterparties, reaching a positive financial investment decision.


    • Plan and design projects that will be technically feasible, cost effective and safe – we understand the technical opportunities and limits associated with green hydrogen production, from the power source through to distribution and dispensing of the product, we model projects financially and technically from the concept stage.

      • Address, negotiate and manage project risks head on - to ensure they are properly identified and balanced by mitigating measures to the satisfaction of the Project owner, investors and lenders.

      We will enable Project owners to become suppliers and distributors of renewable fuels in emerging markets.

      Why H2e is Unique

      H2e understands that electrolysis deployed at commercial scale can deliver Green hydrogen competitively today.

      This comes from our Team’s first-hand experience of having developed hydrogen and renewable fuel production projects successfully in Continental Europe.

      H2e is interested in both advising on and co-developing commercial scale projects based on a fully competitive procurement strategy involving established and credible technology suppliers.

      Green H2 hubs that are likely to be the most successful will secure green power at the right price point and be capable of delivering disruptively low hydrogen prices to customers through medium to long term bilateral contracts, thus realizing the full market growth potential of hydrogen.

      H2e is well positioned to deliver success, having established strong relationships with the right stakeholders and end users in this nascent market. After all, production of renewable fuels cannot reach maturity through supply alone, demand is equally as critical.


      We know that commercial scale electrolysis can deliver low cost hydrogen today, not in years to come.   


      H2e comprises a highly competent team with decades of experience in the Energy Sector with the development, construction and commercial operation of successful conventional power generation assets and renewable generation solutions.

      Stephen David

      Chairman of the Board

      John Cummings

      Technical Director

      Stephen is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 35 years’ experience in the power generation business. He started in the manufacturing industry, focussing on the installation and commissioning of mid-sized thermal power plants and went on to build a career in consultancy supporting project developers, sponsors, financiers and operators of both thermal and renewable power projects. Taking a break from consultancy, Stephen spent several years employed by Rolls-Royce's project development arm Rolls-Royce Power Ventures. He then worked for an American power projects designer, and as a Senior Principal Engineer at Mott MacDonald where he regularly took on the role of Project Director, leading teams of engineers on a variety of assignments. Since leaving Mott MacDonald, Stephen has committed to pursuing the development of green hydrogen projects, which he sees as a key part of the path to a renewable energy future.

      John is our Technical Director. A Chartered Engineer, he started his career working on research projects in digital automation at Bath University where he graduated, and then Bristol University, in each case working with an industrial partner taking new products to market. He then joined Electrocatalytic where he worked on electrolysis systems for power plant and marine applications, moving from design and project engineering into a senior project management role, successfully delivering plant to EPC contractors and shipping companies. In his thirties John moved into consultancy, joining Mott MacDonald's Energy team, where he worked for over 20 years in a variety of sectors including conventional thermal power, oil and gas, biomass, waste to energy, carbon capture and storage and desalination. As well as managing large teams to deliver significant, strategic projects, John has maintained an active involvement in technical practices, particularly control and safety systems.